Parallel City

Parallel City is the central open-world "lobby" in which all HELIX players will start out.
The geography, layout, and pretty much everything about Parallel City is heavily inspired by modern-day New York City. The city is consists of many diverse neighborhoods that each have their own distinct feel and qualities, such as different traffic/building density, types of vehicles, NPC demographics, and more.
Parallel City is fully explorable by every player and is finite in size.


Players can own land (properties) in Parallel City. The primary utility of Land is serving as your very own hyperrealistic “home base” within the metaverse, tied to a specific address and location within Parallel City. You can customize your space however you like, import and display existing NFT items, buy and arrange furniture and collectables, and invite other players to hang out. It’s your own space - you can truly do whatever you want in it! For more details on how land works in HELIX, read here.


Our use of smart procedural generation tools and modular components allow us to create a truly massive, dense virtual city that can still perform optimally in real-time.