Gameplay in HELIX revolves around a single character created by the player at the beginning of the game. Every character starts with a basic amount of virtual money. The player can participate in various activities and earn virtual money, which can be used to customize and expand their character's life further (i.e. buying items, vehicles, weapons, apartments).
HELIX is a natively social, multiplayer experience. Players can play various competitive game modes together or simply hang out in lounges or bars, meeting new groups of friends.
​Parallel City, a massive open-world virtual city inspired by real-life New York City, serves as the main "lobby" or "hub" in which players can freely roam around. Beyond Parallel City, players can visit different worlds created and uploaded by other users.


  • Meet new people in Parallel City or in other user-created worlds
  • Walk, drive, fly around the city
  • Buy, sell, trade items
  • Create and sell new items
  • Play game modes
  • Buy and personalize virtual property


HELIX revolves around the concept of NFT-based digital items which players can buy, sell, or trade in an open exchange called HeX (HELIX eXchange). There are multiple categories/sub-categories, organized by wearables, vehicles, properties, etc. To see the full list of available item types, see here.