Core Values
We are building HELIX with these foundational principles in mind.


High-fidelity graphics are an absolutely necessary part of establishing the degree of immersion that we are expecting the metaverse to deliver.
HELIX features unparalleled visuals and simulation across every aspect including environments, characters, vehicles, clothes, accessories, buildings, and more.


Non-fungible tokens on the blockchain allow anyone to easily verify the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset.
Every single item within HELIX is backed by an NFT. No one can copy or steal your original item without your permission. Once you own the item, it's yours forever.


Unlike traditional games where microtransctions and in-game items are created and sold by the publisher and all respective profits go directly to the publisher, HELIX features an independent economy where players buy and sell items between other players.
A small transaction fee goes to the Community Treasury, which is then distributed back into the game via play-to-earn rewards and more.


We are building HELIX with the goal of being able to support millions of players, and are choosing technologies and infrastructure that allows us to easily scale to that degree.